Good Morning Exercises for Arthritis

Reduce Arthritis Pain and Stiffness With These Morning Exercises


Arthritis can make moving painful, especially in winter or cold first thing in the morning. But starting your day with gentle exercise can help ease stiffness, improve flexibility and range of motion, and reduce arthritis pain. Here are some great Good Morning Exercises for Arthritis.

Do some gentle stretches when you wake up. Try neck rolls, shoulder rolls, and stretching your arms overhead. Go slowly and stop if anything causes sharp pain.

  •  Walk around your home to get your body moving. Start with a few laps around each room.
  •  Try low-impact cardio like marching in place or using a stationary bike on low resistance. Get your heart pumping gently without high impact on joints.
  •  Perform some yoga or tai chi. These incorporate gentle, flowing movements to increase flexibility. Try cat/cow pose, downward dog, and warrior poses.
  •  Use light weights or resistance bands to build muscle strength. Muscle strengthening can support joints. Bicep curls and overhead presses are good options.
  •  Consider hand exercises with putty or a softball to improve dexterity. Make fists, pinch clay, and squeeze softballs.

The key is starting slow and gentle, and stopping any exercise that causes pain. Be sure to talk to your doctor before significantly increasing physical activity. With the right morning routine, you can loosen up stiff joints and get your day going right! Let me know if you have any other questions.
Here are some additional tips for morning exercises for people with arthritis:

Do foot and ankle stretches. Sitting on the edge of your bed, alternate pointing your toes up and flexing your feet down. Rotate your ankles slowly in both directions.

Try chair exercises. Sit in a sturdy chair and march your legs up and down. Extend your arms out to the side or overhead and hold for a few seconds.

Perform wall pushups. Stand facing a wall with your arms outstretched. Bend your elbows to bring your nose to the wall, then push back. Modify to your ability.

  •  Use a resistance band. Sit or stand on the center of the band and move your arms or legs outward against the resistance. Start with low resistance.
  •  Go for a short, slow walk outside if possible. Walking is gentle on joints. The fresh air can boost your mood too.
  • Take a warm shower or use a heating pad if you have morning stiffness. The warmth can help loosen up joints before exercising.
  •  Do seated twists to increase your core rotation. Sit tall and twist your torso side to side, holding each twist for a few seconds.
  •  Drink plenty of water in the morning to stay hydrated for exercise. Being well-hydrated keeps joints supple.

Start slow and focus on proper form. Stop if an exercise causes sharp pain. Check with your doctor before significantly increasing exercise. I hope these tips give you some safe and effective options to start your morning right! Let me know if you need any other exercise suggestions.
Here are a few more morning exercise tips for people with arthritis:

Good Morning Exercises for Arthritis, morning exercise by old man
Good Morning Exercises for Arthritis
  1. – Do neck stretches. Slowly tilt your head to each side, bringing your ear close to your shoulder. Then tilt your head forward to your chest, and gently tilt it back.
  2. – Try heel and toe raises. Holding onto a chair, rise up on your toes and then rock back on your heels. This strengthens ankles and calves.
  3. – Perform modified pushups against the wall. With hands on the wall, keep your back straight and bend elbows to bring your chest close to the wall.
  4. – Use a foam roller. Gentle rolling back and forth can help loosen tight muscles. Focus on thighs, calves, and upper back.
  5. – Try chair yoga. Sitting in a chair, interlace your fingers and turn palms up to stretch your shoulders. Lift arms overhead.
  6. – Do arm circles sitting or standing. Gently circle your arms backward and then forward. Start with small circles.
  7. – Drink an anti-inflammatory beverage like tart cherry juice. Cherries may help reduce arthritis pain.
  8. – Apply heat before exercise. Use a moist heating pad, warm shower, or hot pack to ease stiffness.
  9. – Move slowly and gently. Proper form prevents injury. Listen to your body and stop any exercise that hurts.
Good Morning Exercises for Arthritis, daily exercise makes you healthy
Good Morning Exercises for Arthritis

I hope these additional tips help you get your morning started comfortably. Let me know if you need any other arthritis exercise suggestions.


incorporating good morning exercises into your daily routine can significantly improve the quality of life for those living with arthritis. These exercises not only help in reducing joint pain and stiffness but also enhance flexibility and strength. They can be a powerful tool in managing arthritis symptoms and promoting overall health.

However, it’s important to remember that each individual’s experience with arthritis is unique. Therefore, exercises should be tailored to meet individual needs and capabilities.

Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen. With consistency and patience, you can make the most of your mornings and set a positive tone for the day.

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