You may face some challenges today, but your determination will help you push through. Focus on your priorities.

Taurus: Connecting with loved ones will reenergize you. Look for opportunities to collaborate on a creative project.

Gemini: New ideas may come to you out of the blue. Make time to write them down before they slip away.

Cancer: Emotions could run high today. Diplomacy and patience will help smooth any tensions at home or work.

Leo: Look for clever solutions to problems instead of getting frustrated. Your leadership skills will be needed.

Virgo: Tackle tedious tasks to clear your plate for more rewarding work. Healthy habits will boost your mood.

Libra: Strike a better balance between work and playtime. Socializing could lead to interesting opportunities.

Scorpio: Focus and intensity help you make progress toward a goal. But make sure you take occasional breaks.

Sagittarius: You long for adventure. Look for small ways to spice up your routine without overextending yourself.

Capricorn: Use your keen business sense for moneymaking ideas. But don't neglect emotional and spiritual needs.

Aquarius: Your unique viewpoint allows you to problem-solve in unconventional ways. Share ideas with friends.

Pisces: Let compassion guide you in assisting someone in need. Acts of kindness will lift your spirits too.