Whether Chinese lo mein, Japanese ramen or Italian pasta, noodles are a universal language with countless regional accents. Their versatility allows them to be reinterpreted globally.

 Whether Vietnamese fresh rolls or Indian samosa, crisp packets of vegetables and protein demonstrate how cultures exchange preparation techniques.

Spring rolls 

 Cacao's origins in Mesoamerica haven't stopped chocolate from becoming Europe's favorite treat, then spreading globally in new confections.


 As a dietary staple in Asia and beyond, rice shows how a single ingredient can be prepared in infinite ways across borders.



Originally from Germany, donuts have morphed into countless guises from New York to Bangkok. Their sweet appeal helps them dissolve cultural lines.

Fried Chicken

Once a Southern staple, fried chicken is now fried gold everywhere. Korean, Japanese and African variations show how it has been absorbed into diverse global traditions.


Whether miso, pho or tortilla soup, diverse cultures have adopted soups as comforting, healthy meals while putting their own spins on the format.

Dal Tadka

King of comfort food from India ruling all over world