Blake Lively

With a very strong start as Serena on the fan favorite TV show Gossip Girl, Blake Lively parlayed her initial fashion chops into a legitimate, mature style.

Michelle Obama

. For a historical two terms, she made fashion history.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

The late wife to John F. Kennedy Jr. came to prominence in the '90s as the street style icon. Her fashion wasn't as ornate as other stars of the decade

Kate Moss

The top model of the '90s and '00s was undoubtedly Kate Moss—her image was everywhere, on hundreds of magazine covers and prestigious ad campaigns.

Harry Styles

He's come a long way from being in a boy band! The former One Direction-er transitioned to haute couture fashion, and he's never been shy about gender neutral clothing

Sarah Jessica Parker

If Sex and the City was the vision of New York every person wanted to live, then Carrie was the person everyone wanted to be.

Princess Diana

The late Princess Diana had quite the style evolution. She started out with a sweet, almost innocent style as a young woman, then matured into a working royal


If fashion is theater, Beyoncé is the stage director. She doesn't just hold her own against any other red carpet icon working today; She works often with Black creatives